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Quality Policy

Total Balance Ltd. focuses on satisfying the Customers needs on the highest possible level having its base in expertise influencing the quality as well as the infrastructure development.

The focus of our activities involves the following:

  • developing and acceptance of services regarded as advanced by the market;

  • one possible, but not sufficient source of quality is the development and appropriate technology, therefore in order to meet the quality standard established by us:

    • we regard as basic requirements to eliminate the errors occurring in workflow either individually or in groups or within personal control;

  • we aim to regulate our processes in a way to filter out the errors;

  • in order to create an excellent customer care service we aim for continuous improvment of our information system which ensures the conditions of qualitative work by precise, up-to-date, traceable and documented activities.

In order to maintain our good reputation and effeciency, we consider it necessary to:

  • enforce the principle of continuous improvement of our quality assurance system;

  • cut the costs in every possible field;

  • use and apply the products and services of qualified suppliers and subcontractors;

  • ensure the error-free documentations prepared and used by us;

  • • permanently upgrade the skills of our workforce, provide them with financial as well as moral reward, recognize their outstanding performance.

To achieve our objectives we operate the quality system in accordance with the requirements of the valid MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.


Since the establishment (2002) of Total-Balance Ltd. we have been carrying out...


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